What the parents think …

  • “It’s been great to have time to do things with my son. We’ve done some of the activities at home already and we’re planning to do more over the Easter holidays – we’ve already started collecting things – we’re going to make a huge spaceship.”

After the sessions finished at Poplars, we asked the parents what they thought they – and their children – had got out of Artbase. Here are just a few of their comments.

  • “Doing creative things with my daughter was brilliant – and it was lovely to have time alone with her. I really  enjoyed getting mucky and messy – I didn’t think I was very creative at first and then I realised that art isn’t just about painting a Van Gogh, it’s about having fun together and making things. I definitely feel more confident about doing it now.”
  • “We went round to my friend’s house, pushed all the furniture to one side in the dining room and then we all made tape and chalk landscapes – it was great … and very easy to clear up afterwards.”
  • “Artbase gave me a different way of doing things with my daughter – and I surprised myself with some of the work I did – it gave me a real sense of achievement.”
  • “It was really nice meeting new people and spending time with my son – and I got some good ideas for things we can do at home – my son has already shown my husband how to make towns out of masking tape. I’m not an arty person at all, so I was really surprised at what I did and I feel a whole lot more confident now.”
  • “It was good fun, and great to spend some time one-to-one with my child. It gave me a different experience of school and it was a nice way to meet other parents. I liked the fact that so many of the activities we did were simple and easy to repeat at home – and they’re cheap, they don’t need a load of expensive materials to do them.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed it – I’m sad it’s over.”
  • My son is devastated it’s over – he loved everything about it. He was really proud of what he achieved, and he loved showing the work to his teacher – I’m glad they came in to see what the children had done.”
  • “I really didn’t know what to expect at first, but I tried everything, because I wanted my daughter to see that I was giving it a go, so that she would, too – and I ended up thoroughly enjoying it … I’m a bit sad it’s all over.”

Paper bunting and paper puppets

Masking tape, paper triangles and a large room. Artbase this week filled the room in a few short minutes with colourful bunting, some of it with our names on, drawings and the odd weather report.

 P1050369  P1050370 P1050372  P1050373


We used the masking tape again to make newspaper and tape heads for puppets. Everyone worked in pairs on their own ideas and we ended up with fine selection of characters.

P1050377  P1050378 P1050380  P1050382 P1050384  P1050386P1050387  P1050389 


Once they were made we played with them, gave them names, voices and likes and dislikes.

P1050385  P1050388


We also took “selfies” with our puppets.


Cardboard City

A really enjoyable first session back at Artbase Poplars. We started off by trying out some mirroring.

Then we got out the masking tape and made big loopy roads on the floor. We then built houses, castles, washing lines, garages and a car wash out of junk modelling stuff to create our cardboard city! Check out the photos below.

Really looking forward to the next session!